The pros and cons of investment bonds

Published: February 16, 2018

Also called insurance or growth bonds, investment bonds can be a tax-effective way to save for something big. If you’re saving for a particular goal, looking for an alternative to super, or want to ensure those who matter most are taken care of after you’re gone, investment bonds, (also known as insurance or growth bonds) […]

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Bitcoin – is it really for you?

Published: February 1, 2018

Some people may have made big money, but plenty of latecomers would have experienced dreadful losses. If I could sum up the contents of my junk emails over the last 12 months in a single word it would be: Bitcoin. I can’t tell you how many unsolicited invitations I’ve received to start trading bitcoin. This […]

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New legislation aims to benefit first home buyers and downsizers

Published: January 25, 2018

Changes aimed at improving  housing affordability have passed through parliament. See what the new rules could mean for you. Government proposals around improving housing affordability in Australia were passed through parliament on 7 December 20171. As part of the changes, first home buyers will be given a tax concession through the ability to save for a […]

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Are you eligible for school subsidies?

Published: January 22, 2018

Get up to speed with the government subsidies you may be able to claim before the kids go back to school. With 2018 now in motion, many parents and carers are looking at how they’ll cover school fees for the year ahead, not to mention other costs, such as uniforms, shoes, stationery and equipment. The […]

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Casual workers need active approach to super

Published: December 1, 2017

Casual workers can face an uphill battle saving for retirement, which is why a proactive approach is essential. Around one in five Australians are casual workers, and this number is likely to swell as school leavers take up casual jobs over the holiday period. Casual work can earn a higher hourly rate than permanent jobs […]

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How one couple is saving $19,338 a year on childcare

Published: November 29, 2017

A short-term sea change set the wheels in motion for a longer-term relocation, which resulted in a dramatic drop in childcare fees. Buying a house in Sydney was looking prohibitive for Amber and Rowan Joyce, despite them both having good jobs. She works in a senior marketing role in a major bank and he is […]

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2017 has been kind to investors

Published: November 24, 2017

As we head towards the end of 2017, it’s worth taking a look at how investment markets have fared over the year. It turns out we’ve enjoyed a pretty good 12 months – especially if you haven’t had a significant chunk of your wealth tied up in cash. The last 12 months have been steady […]

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RBA finds property owners ‘more financially secure’ than renters

Published: November 13, 2017

While the first step on the property ladder can be a bit of a stretch, those who make it are, on average, better placed. Young Australians who bit the bullet and bought their first homes since the financial crisis – in the face of galloping prices – are more financially secure than previous generations and […]

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An update on the Australian housing market

Published: November 10, 2017

Australian dwelling price growth is continuing to moderate with the recent CoreLogic data showing that home price growth across Australia has slowed to 7.0% over the year to October (annual price growth was running around 10-11% a few months ago). Sydney price growth is rolling over (see chart below). Source: CoreLogic, AMP Capital Melbourne home […]

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Downsizing is not always the answer

Published: November 6, 2017

If you’re pinning your financial hopes on the ability to downsize your home in retirement, you may need to think twice. Many Australians don’t have enough in super to fund a quality retirement, but if you’re pinning your hopes on the value of the family home, it could pay to think again. Downsizing to a […]

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