Welcome to AdvicePlus

Who is AdvicePlus?

  • We are a financial planning business that operates locally in Lismore & Casino;
  • Our two financial planners are Paul Murphy (financial planner since 1991) and Kay Simpson (financial planner since 2001).

What we do

  • Financial management from basic budgeting to complex portfolios;
  • Investment strategies, including recommending investment categories & specific products;
  • Superannuation strategies to help you accumulate enough money to retire with the lifestyle you would like and strategies to help you minimise the tax you pay right now;
  • Retirement planning for those retiring soon or many years from now – the sooner you plan the better;
  • How to use redundancy payout most effectively, including how to make it last as long as possible;
  • Insurance to make you adequately protect what you’ve achieved so far, whether that’s a property, assets or your income.

What you can expect from us

  • A personalised experience that assist you to create wealth, gives you peace of mind, reassurance and makes you feel comfortable;
  • To provide simplified information relevant and tailored to you;
  • To know that we care and know you can catch up with a planner at anytime;

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